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ARTFUL PT is a concierge physical therapy service created by Dr. John Macabuhay, Physical Therapist with a CREATIVE LENS towards physical therapy.  ARTFUL PT is based on a WHOLE BODY approach with the focus on the INDIVIDUAL.  Since he is trained in extensively in both NEUROLOGICAL and ORTHOPEDIC approaches of PT, he melds the two approaches together, with the emphasis on  ANATOMY, PAIN SCIENCE, NERVE MOBILITY, PATIENT EDUCATION and  FUNCTIONAL MOBILITY. 


John Macabuhay PT, DPT is a graduate of Loma Linda University, in which he started his journey in therapy as a Physical Therapist Assistant. He then obtained his doctorate in Physical Therapy from LLU and has been practicing since. 

He has experience in both high level neurological settings (primarily in-patient) as well as high level orthopedic settings. John has also been in positions of leadership in previous clinics he worked at, including being a lead physical therapist.  He has experience in a vast variety of conditions ranging from post surgical conditions to severe neurological conditions.

Dr. Macabuhay combines all of his experiences and creates treatments for patients that are exclusively tailored for that individual.  Treatments are carefully crafted to provide the best possible setting for an individual to improve and recover. 

An artistic eye is also applied throughout treatments with emphasizing creativity and avoiding generic treatments  since Dr. Macabuhay started as someone who studied art prior to becoming a doctor of physical therapy. 

John Alexander Macabuhay PT, DPT

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